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Male Voice Choir

Côr Meibion Hwlffordd


Contact Us

For any other questions about the choir or for concert tickets, please contact the Secretary: Phil Deacon

Telephone-  07811 959617   Email:  hmvc@mail.com

Joining The Choir

To Join the choir Your first port of call should be to contact our secretary Phil Deacon. Even if you only think you would like to join the choir,you should come along to one of our practice sessions held at the Withybush Pavilion, Haverforwest- most Mondays 8.00-10.00pm. Just sit and listen to start with. If you decide it is not for you there is no obligation - what have you got to lose?   From the initial approach it normally takes 3-6 months to become a fully fledged member and to start appearing on stage with the choir.This depends upon your previous experience,but don`t worry if you have never sung in a choir before, many of the choristers were in the same boat!  Part of the process is to establish which musical section you are best suited to. There are 4 sections,upper  and lower Bass and  upper and lower Tenor. This is sorted out by a simple run through of the musical scales with our Musical Director,(who will also check out that you are able to sing in tune!). There are lots of myths and legends about Male Voice Choirs(and the people who sing in them). A few of these are dispelled below!

Myths and legends


Male Voice Choirs are for old men

Whilst the average age of the choir is high,we do have younger choristers in their 30`s. Indeed our previous chairman joined at the age of 21.Most people who join say they wished they had joined when they were much younger. Join now and increase the years of enjoyment.

My voice is not good enough

If they were to sing a solo, many of the choristers would not have remarkable voices.It is the collective blend of voices which makes a Male Voice Choir so magnificent.     

I don`t speak Welsh

Many choir members do not speak Welsh.We  have quite a lot of English choristers ,and even the odd Irish one. You will need to learn the words,which takes time,but you can  pick up pronunciation from singing the songs.

I can`t read music   

Again many choristers do not either.We practice weekly and it is surprising how quickly you can pick up the notes.

I am busy working,I will join when I retire

There is a level of commitment required,but this only involves a weekly practice session Mon 8-10pm,plus concerts normally about  twice per month.The choir normally has July and August without practise sessions or concerts.

Apart from the singing which in itself is magical,being a member of a choir is a very social thing too!Apart from the odd stop at local hostelries after practice and concerts,the choir travels to concerts overseas,as well as other parts of the UK.